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My interest in horse breeding comes from my parents who back in the late seventies bought two D V stallions, Lockruf D H 172 and Lolländer D H 175 together with two bronze medallist fillies out of best Hanoverian/ thoroughbred descent. From this material we had among others Lorelei Juelsgaard R D H 2457, mother of two of our fillies Cadeau – Noir Juelsgaard and Desir – Noir Juelsgaard. It is our aim to extend and improve the breeding material through Hanoverian and thoroughbred and therefore we bought Dahlia in 2002, a brood mare from Germany, after De Niro/ Weltmeier/ Werther, in foal with Lauries Crusador XX. We had a wonderful filly who was very much in great demand from Germany, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The second filly of Dahlia, born in 2004, became on the filly show in Freiburg Germany reserve winner filly out of a total of 60 fillies. This led to great in the filly. We will continue our efforts in the breeding, creating good dressage horses out of the best blood relation with radiation, motility, riding ability and good temper.

Lolländer Susan med føllet Lorelei
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